Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I’m back in the blogosphere!

A bout 5 years ago, Blogger.com introduced me to the blog world, and the next thing I knew was that I’m already eagerly inscribing my thoughts in my newly created web log. I am not a born writer, nor made to be one, but I have some passion in writing, my mind is always full of new ideas, my everyday life experiences would always recur in my memory patiently waiting to be transformed into a written text, and most of the time, it never happens. Most of those great stories would remain as just recollection stored within the nucleus of my brain cortex. I’m always lazy to start it out. Nevertheless my former blog lasted for 4 years and contain a few more than 30 entries. And now I’m officially closing KOREAN SPECS to give way for this new one, “SubURBAN Life”.
Almost a decade has passed since I came here in Korea, I lived all my life in its capital, and most important city- Seoul. This modern, bustling metropolis have became my home, and my life. But after that long era of city life, I agreed to give it up and embraced a more peaceful suburban life. My new job requires me live in Jingeon county, city of Namyangju, about 15 kms. from the outskirts of Seoul. Namyangju city and so with Jingeon county is one of my least explored places here in Korea. It wasn’t that far but for me, there’s nothing there worth exploring, but I’m wrong. The first time I stepped my foot on my new neighborhood, I was amazed by its natural beauty, the smooth rolling hills, and the fresh air greeting me like a warm welcome on a very cold winter. I said “I’m in”!

My former blog KOREAN SPECS means a lot to me, it records a lot of important moments of my Korean life(plus my priceless effort on layouting) so I intentionally made a new blog to preserve the former one. Hence, SubURBAN Life is a continuation and not a replacement blog.
SubURBAN Life will tell stories about my new adventures, my new endeavors living on the suburbs. It will give you updates on my workplace, it will introduce you to some of the interesting places, and things to do in Namyangju city or in Jingeon county in particular.
I choose a light refreshing green color as the general motif of this blog to represent the refreshing new suburban environment that I am into. The lone tree represents me taking a hard grasp of the new surroundings, adjusting to the new atmosphere, new ambiance, a new climate to become stronger. The rocks represents my endeavors on this new place, the rough earth stands for the simple countryside life. The Korean red stamp with words “Gyo wi saeng hwal” the Korean term for “suburban life” stands for my promise to try my best to update this blog. And lastly, the flying birds represents the vast opportunities, the endless adventures that I will have to take from this day on.